Bow Making

Bow Making

Philip first became interested in bow making whilst at college in the late 1980’s inspired by his tutor Roger Rose. Philip brings his experience of handling fine old bows like Dodds, Tourte, Mauchand and Tubbs to his making process. His bows are used by leading players across the globe and in many music institutions around the world.  He also buys and sells bows from the 18th/19th century. 

Ever keen to learn, Philip hosts leading bowmakers in his workshop which gives a great opportunity to discuss best practice and loves to attend bow making workshops at Oberlin and in West Dean College.  Philip was delighted to work on the Anglo-French recreation of the 24 Violins Of The Sun King with Philip making all the bows for the orchestra.  Video here: 

Bows suitable for those interested in period performance are made in the workshop by Philip and the team.  Please follow the link to see Philip’s current selection

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