William Pryor

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William Pryor, Newcastle 1739

Nice, resonant sound, suitable for the professional player. This violin made by William Pryor (1690-1759). It has a dynamic range, is powerful, but always retains a sweetness of tone no matter how hard it is pushed.

Pryor built his instruments in the archaic style including a through neck and painted purfling. Even though the neck has been replaced with a modern one in the Hill workshop, the violin is in a healthy state. This instrument has a two piece back of plain, lightly rippled maple with ribs and scroll of similar wood. The front is of fine grained pine, probably imported tonewood, varnished in a warm even ochre hue.

Labelled: “made by William Pryor, Newcastle 1739”

Body Length: 362mm

Certificate by W.E. Hill dated 1957



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