Annibalotto Fagnola

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C4243  A Rare Violin by Annibalotto Fagnola circa 1930

A lot is known about the life and works of the great Turin violin maker Annibale Fagnola, but less well-known is his apprentice and nephew. Sharing the name of his Uncle was obviously confusing so Young Anibale was affectionately re-named Annibalotto. He was born in Turin in 1910 to one of Annibale’s younger brothers Marcello. Annibalotto seemed to have had good innate craft skills and progressed quickly at his uncle’s workshop, and there were high hopes of him to further the violin-making dynasty. However, it appears that he became a violin maker more to please his father and his uncle than himself.

The violin we are offering here is most rewarding to play. It is a powerful instrument with a strong, yet silky, smooth tone, and is easy to play while still having a large array of tonal and dynamic colours.

One customer and ex-Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra player said “It sounds better than any violin made by his uncle Annibale I played”

Certificate of Bernard Millant.

For Philip’s full article on this violin and photographs, please follow the link


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