Thomas Hesketh 1933

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S2655 – 1933 Violin

Thomas Earle Hesketh lived in Manchester and between 1885 and 1890 he apprenticed under French maker George Aldophe Chanot (whose father was the first Chanot in London) before opening his own workshop in 1891.
Highly regarded for his professional work in the classical tradition, Hesketh made many instruments for the Hallé Orchestra in Manchester.
The wood stock Hesketh used for his instruments had its own pedigree heritage, originating from the workshop of William Forster. Forster’s pupil Craske inherited much of his master’s wood stock and sold it to Hesketh when he worked in Manchester.
This violin, made in the style of Guarneri del Gesu, has a one-piece back of tightly-flamed maple, matching ribs and scroll. The purfling is distinctive and the grain on the front is prominent.
The varnish is very much intact and the work on the whole instrument is very neat. The neck is original and in very good condition. The sound of the violin is strong and equally powerful across all the strings.
Like many instruments made in Manchester, this violin echoes the style of the Markneukirchen centre of violin-making in Germany.



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