Richard Tobin


One piece front of attractive Spruce which is wide grained on the Bass side and super fine on the treble side – a deliberate choice made by Tobin. The maple of the ribs and back are of the Sugar maple type that I associate with the Hill workshop, as indeed is the varnish. This suggests to me that Hills gave the wood to Tobin and he returned the violin in the white to be varnished by them. I have seen this before in Tobin instruments and it might suggest a difficult period in his life – there is only a short time where he branded and labelled instruments suggesting a rare period of stability in his life. So, we think that he like the Furber’s and other makers of the time – they all sold their instrument through other outlets getting the business where they can, hence the signing of their names on the underside of the belly allowing the shop to put their own brand and label in the usual place.

This instruments dimensions are on the smaller full size:
Back lenght 350mm
Body Stop: 193mm
Neck length: 130mm

String length:326mm