Mermillot, Maurice, Circa.1880’s

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Stock #C3506  Maurice Mermillot  

Description: One piece back of well rippled, ribs of a similar wood. Ribs of a broader flamed maple.  

Sound: Strong and even, pleasurable to play .  

Condition: very good 

Principle dimensions: Length of back 357mm. Body Stop 196mm. Body Stop 131mm. Stirng length 330mm 

Certificate/letter of authenticity by: Rampal, Paris.  

Price: £25,000 

From John Dilworths Book: 

MERMILLOT, Maurice Born 1835 Haute-Savoie, died 1901 Mirecourt France. Apprenticed to Gaillard in Mirecourt. Employed by Buthod in Paris 1852 and moved to Rennes1853.  Worked for N. Vuillaume in Mirecourt 1861. Possibly became acquainted with A. Guadagnini in Turin whilst on military service there 1855-1860 (Vannes) and thereafter produced work for him. Returned to Paris to work for Gand & Bernardel and established independently on the rue Morel 1876.  Retired to Mirecourt 1898. Fine workmanship in the French tradition. Classical Italian models using excellent materials and varnish. M. Mermillot Luthier / 18 rue Morel 1898 / Paris 



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