David Zink

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David Zink learned violin making at Kolja J.Lochmann in Freiburg, Germany.  After his apprenticeship he studied for a BA at the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau, departement of musical instrument making, Markneukirchen.  He completed his studies with a Bachelor of Art, and was awarded the prize for the “best instument of the year“.
Furthermore he attended several courses and tutorials with well repected restorers like Jean Jaques Fasnacht. Above all he worked in different workshops, e.g. Michael Stürzenhofecker (Cully/Switzerland), until he became self-employed in Freiburg i.Br. in 2015.

In David Zink‘s workshop, all intruments are made to the highest standards of accuracy and care. Special regard is given to the selection of the materials, paying particular attention to the visual as well as the physical characteristics of the wood . All materials are well matured and are individually worked on.  David designs his own models as well as the old Italian style instruments, including bespoke designs for individual customers. Besides the remarkable workmanship, the highest attention is given to the visual side of the violin making, leaving the musician with a work of art.


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