Classical Baroque, W. Wilkinson

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A rare Irish classical violin by William Wilkinson. Wilkinson is well known in the violin trade because of his apprenticeship and then partnership with his father-in-law Thomas Perry in Dublin. Together they formed the Perry and Wilkinson business in 1790 business, which Wilkinson took over in 1818 on the death of Perry.

Violins known to be by Wilkinson himself are very rare but we are fortunate enough to have the inside of the back of this instrument branded Wilkinson.

The violin bears the features of the Perry & Wilkinson style, namely broadly cut f holes, wide throat of the peg box, idiosyncratic placement of the eye in the scroll. The back is a single piece of beautifully flamed maple cut on the slab. Two piece pine front, original neck and golden brown varnish typical of the workshop.

The violin is in good condition and set up in a classical manner. The instrument is very responsive with a excellent sounding E string.

Length of back: 359mm



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