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Maker: Sidney Yeoman For W.E. Hill & Sons Circa.1920

City: Hanwell, London 

Description: Sidney Yeoman is one of the best of the Hill makers. He had a troubled life sadly, the shock of fighting in the first world war left a mental fragility that he never fully got to grips with. The legendary foreman of the workshop William Retford who oversaw and corrected all of the production took special care of Yeoman and would often finish work for him. I would suggest that this is one such fine collaboration. 

Playing qualities: This is a very good playing bow, one of the better Hills. It has a distinctive, creamy sound.  

Branded: W.E.Hill &Sons 

Mounts: Silver and Ebony. 

Weight: 60grams 

Lapping (wrap): Original Whalebone (Baleen) 

Balance Point: 258 mm 

Condition: Good (small corner chip to frog) 

Supplied with a certificate by Philip Brown Violins Limited