H.R. Pfretschner, Tourte Model


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Reference: S4008  

Maker: HR Prefretzschner circa. 1880

City: Markneukirchen 

Description: Very fine delicate early Prefretzschner, octagonal stick of dark brown Pernambucco. Delicately carved original face. Button of three piece silver on ebony.  

Playing qualities: This is a slightly delicate bow.  If you push it too much it doesn’t respond, however if you ease off and get to know the bow then it slowly reveals its quality of suppleness, speed and excellent draw of the string.  Stranger too, if you back off pressing too much the volume comes of its own accord.  I absolutely love playing on this. (PB) 

Branded: None 

Mounts: Silver and ebony 

Weight: 59 grams 

Lapping (wrap): Sterling silver 

Balance Point: 262 mm 

Condition: generally mint and all original (apart from the later lapping). There is a small mark on the audience side of the stick probably from tapping the music stand. 

Supplied with a Letter of Authenticity from Philip Brown Violins Newbury 




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