James Tubbs Circa. 1860


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This excellently preserved Tubbs bow is the earliest one I think I have seen. This is a lovely responsive bow to play on.  Made of attractive strong pernambuco wood. The frog is delicate model that we see on his early work and he uses the shell that became one of his hallmarks. Its one of his looser nods to a Tourte with the large side chamfers to the handle. It has a tiny bit of  “run-out” on the playing side of the stick which was filled with Shellac. This was undoubtedly was done in the making. Most bow makers are known for using every single piece of wood available and this is evidence of that.

The bow bears the brand DODD probably because Dodd sold it for Tubbs. It has a German Silver undershoe which is quite normal for English bows of the period.

The bow is very original – with the frog hair channel being uncut still.

Weight 58.5g (leather lapping)

Balance point 265mm


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