Viennese Baroque


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Reference: s4005 18th Century Viennese bow 

Maker: Unknown  

Date: circa 1775 

City: Vienna 

Description: An intriguing original classical violin bow.  Dense Pernambuco stick, fine hand crafted with some interesting individual features: the strong head chamfer fades away to nothing as it meets the face. The large chamfers on the inside of the throat of the frog are also unusual and characteristic of a hand I have seen on several bows. The fold backed lip on the underside of the frog’s hair channel is unusual in its arrow shape. The Frog is decorated with hot poker work consisting of several individual branding irons. The adjuster is finely turned and has the same poker work as the frog. One extra special feature of this bow is that it was payed (perhaps by design) with the thumb on the frog, the wear indicates this and that is something I have never seen before.  

Playing Qualities: delicate, yet strong and responsive. Strong in the upper third.  

Branded: None 

Mounts: Ivory 

Weight: 43.4 grams 

Lapping (wrap): None (A silk lapping might be desirable) 

Balance Point: 262 mm 

Condition: Very usable bow, there is an old head repair which is well done and would be guaranteed. The frog and button have some shakes but I am not too worried by these. They are extremely slow to develop in my experience 

Supplied with a letter of authenticity by:  Philip Brown VIolins Limited




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