Thomassin, Victor


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Reference: 744 

Maker: Victor Thomassin, Circa. 1910

City: London 

Description: Son of Instrument and bow maker Nicolas François Thomassin (who himself took over the running of the Voirin shop). Not a great deal is known about Victor Thomassin, he came to London at the end of the 19th century possibly to seek out new markets in the crowded bow making Town of MirecourtThis rare bow is quite French in its making, plenty of tool marks left and stylistically not dissimilar to his cousin the Claude August with the rounded-off ferrule. This is a Voirin model and a nice quirky London feature – it has a London Hill style adjuster complete with the screw being threaded into the adjuster.  It has been suggested to me that this could be the work of one of the sons of Victor Justin – whose work is little known. This bow was made for George Withers.  

Mounts: Silver and Ebony 

Branded: Geo. W. & Sons 

Playing Qualities: Supple, firm responsive 

Weight: 57 grams 

Lapping (wrap): Tinsel and leather 

Balance Point: 256 mm 

Condition: good 

Supplied with a certificate by: Philip Brown Violins Limited