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Maker: J.Thibouville-Lamy Circa. 1900

City: Mirecourt, France 

Description: There are a few good bows that come from the prolific workshop that dominated violin making for many years.  This bow is in pristine condition with original lapping. It is very well made, the head is finely cut with an amazingly sharp ridge and puts me in mind of some of the fine output of J.J. Martin who set up the Thibouville bow production in 1870. 

Playing Qualities: Lively, interesting, slightly bright sound. 

Branded: SARASATE VIRTUOSE and SARASATE on the ferrule 

Mounts: Silver and ebony  

Weight: 59.5 grams 

Lapping (wrap): French Tinsel lapp with leather (original) 

Balance Point: 261mm 

Condition: Mint 

Supplied with a Letter of authenticity by: Philip Brown Violins Ltd. 






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