Ebony Bass


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Reference: 4561 Bass Violin bow  

Maker: Philip Brown, 2020

City: Newbury, England 

Description: A Bass Violin bow. This is a model we have been developing for a few years now, it has been very well received. It’s based on a bow in the Kunst Historiches Museum, Wein. It,s made of very old West African Ebony of fine even grain.  We have made it with a small amount of adjustment to the tension via a travelling frog.    

Playing Qualities: What people like about these bows is the way the thick gut strings start up easily, there are various reasons why this bow does this but it certainly makes playing easier.  

Branded: Brown 

Mounts: Bloodwood Satine 

Weight: 66 grams 

Lapping (wrap): none 

Balance Point: 258 mm  

Length: 665 mm 

Condition: New 

Supplied with a letter of authenticity by: Philip Brown Violins Ltd



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