Mirecourt, France


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Maker Mirecourt, France circa.1950 

City: Mirecourt 


This is typical example of the fast Mirecourt hand crafted workmanship. The wood is pretty flamed and unusually reflective supple Pernambuco 

Playing Qualities: 

Despite its rough look, this bow is remarkably well behaved! As you can see its quite light but in the hand it comes over as being heavier and it certainly has strength. It has a stability which surprised me this comes from the area behind the head not being too thin on what seems to be lower density wood. I enjoy playing on it. Amongst some renowned bow makers there is research going on around the vibration of bows. This bow has good low frequency vibrations when tapped.  

Mounts: German silver and ebony 

Weight: 55.5 grams 

Lapping (wrap): silver/leather  

Balance Point: 251mm 

Supplied with a letter of authenticity by: Philip Brown Violins  



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