James Tubbs


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Maker: James Tubbs  Circa. 1880

City: London 

Description: a good 2nd period bow by James Tubbs. Strong dark pernambuco stick masculine head and fittings. 

Brand: Jas.TUBBS 

Mounts: Silver and ebony, typical long one-piece adjuster.  

Playing Qualities: I found you had to play this bow for a while to get to know its strengths and weaknesses. It’s not a whippy Tubbs but does have a supple quality to it.  It’s ideal for a player that likes to draw rather than force the sound out of the violin. Especially good control at the tip. . 

Weight: 57 grams 

Lapping (wrap): Old Whalebone (Baleen) and leather.  

Balance Point: 269 mm 

Condition: one crack to frog thumb projection. Pearl slide and eyes worn (all awaiting workshop repair). 

Supplied with a certificate by: Philip Brown Violins Limited




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