W.E. Hill & Sons by Arthur Copley


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Maker: Arthur Copley, 1932

City: Hanwell, London 

Description: This is a very good example of the work of Arthur Copley who worked at Hills bow making in the period 1917 to 1959. This bow which has been used for many years by a top London player and professor is from the period when Hills experimented with Slab cut pernambuco wood.  As an extra security measure, the heads were fitted with an invisible pin and the tiniest letter ‘W’ was stamped just above the ebony liner at the back of the head.  A good number of these bows have had this letter filed off. This one hasn’t which makes it more interesting. 

Brand: W.E.Hill and Sons 

Mounts: Tortoiseshell and silver 

Playing qualities: Warm, stable, responsive. 

Weight: 58 grams 

Lapping (wrap): Tinsel and leather 

Balance Point: 264 

Condition: Good, one small chip to frog. 

Supplied with a letter of authenticity by: Philip Brown Violins Limited