H.R. Pfretzschner

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Reference: S3830  

Maker: HR Preftzschner Circa. 1920

City: Markneukirchen 

Description: Dodd inspired model with no eye to frog, small ferrule, German silver under slideAdjuster of narrow silver rings in the Manner of J. Dodd.  

Playing Qualities: Quick to pull the string, elegant sounding. 

Branded: H.R. Preftzschner, Made in Germany and with the Coat of Arms brand on the side of the frog.  

Mounts: Silver and Ebony 

Weight: 60 grams 

Lapping (wrap): Silver and eather 

Balance Point: 270 mm 

Condition: good, there is a tiny replacement piece of bone to the nose  

Supplied with a certificate by Philip Brown Violins Limited

 Price: £2,500 



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