Albert Nürnberger


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Reference: C4735 

Maker: Albert Nürnberger, Franz Albert Nürnberger II 

Date: c.1900 

City: Marneukirchen 

Description: Orange stick of good strong pernambuco,  Voirin model.  

Playing qualities: This is one of those bows that earns Nürnberger bows their rightful good reputation. Strong stick that just sits nicely into the string and does what you ask. These bows are such good value.  


Mounts: Silver and ebony, button of three parts,  

Weight: 59 grams 

Lapping (wrap): Silver 

Balance Point: 252 grams 

Condition: Good, some minor thumb wear to the handle and stick.  

Supplied with a certificate by: Philip Brown Violins 




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