John Dodd for Forster


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Reference:  S5298 John Dodd for Forster 1790’s, London, Ex-Dolmetsch collection 

A perfect example of the  work of John Dodd.  Inspired by ‘Bows by Tourte’ – a rare, fine original classical bow for the specialist performer or the collector.  Forster, like Panormo, seemed to make specific demands on his bowmakers, the rounded back of the head (helps to spread the hair), thin face plate and the high Tourte frog are features found on many Dodd bows bearing the Forster brand.  

Playing qualities: Is surprisingly quick to pull the string. Makes a warm sound on the ‘a’ string. 

Branded: Forster twice on the stick in large font and twice on the frog in a small font. 

Mounts: IvoryOriginal Ivory.  Replacements are available in Ebony or certified Mammoth ivory 

Weight: 71 grams 

Lapping (wrap): French Silks 

Balance Point: 254 mm 

Condition: Very good, one tiny grain lifting crack midway on the stick, on players side. I don’t consider it troublesome or likely to get worse. One small crack in the (original) adjuster.. 

Supplied with a certificate by: Philip Brown Violins  

Price: £15,000