Derek Wilson, Tourte


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Reference: C5599  Derek Wilson, 2021, England 

City: Newbury, Halsay Manor and Tunbridge Wells 

Derek and I have been working on a batch of  bench copy” cello bows with a wonderful original example in front of us. We started this in 2018 and with one thing and another this bow became wholly Derek’s project, being made in Lock down. The wood is fantastic; old stripey, reflective and with a faint rippled pernambuco which I bought from another bow maker in 2013. The model is from the most expressive of Tourte’s output with strong defined shapes, it seems clear that Tourte himself was a cellist as his cello bows are subject to much adjustment and experimentation.  

Playing qualities: At 854 grams and with the high head and frog, this is a bow with some masculinity, there’s enough flexibility in the stick though to draw the strings well and still produce a big sound.    

Branded: D.WILSON 

Mounts: Silver and ebony, Silver face 

Weight: 84 grams 

Lapping (wrap): Silk 

Balance Point: 250 mm 

Condition: New  

Supplied with a certificate

Price: £5,500