Kaspar Pankow


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Reference: C845 

Maker: Kaspar Pankow, 2014

City: Zurich 

Description: Kaspar is a marvellous maker, I have had the pleasure of seeing his working methods at various bow making workshops. He is the most fastidious of bow makers that I know. Every detail is carefully considered. The results are superb.  Kaspar has studied in great depth fine old French master bows and he brings his experience to his making. http://www.pankowbows.com

Playing Qualities: This is a model suited to the player who likes a bit of weight. It is strong but feels well balanced in the hand. Focussed warm sound. 

Branded: Pankow 

Mounts:  Silver and ebony 

Weight: 85.5 grams 

Lapping (wrap): French Tinsel wrap and leather  

Balance Point: 254 mm 

Condition: New 

Supplied with a letter of authenticity by Philip Brown Violins Limited





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