Violins for the complete beginner to the most accomplished professional

Violins at all levels are carefully set up in our workshop, including cutting a good quality bridge, supplying a quality tailpiece and ensuring the pegs turn smoothly. The fingerboard and nut are checked thoroughly and we re-shoot the fingerboard where necessary. We choose strings according to each individual violin.

Violins up to £5000

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Violins in this category are for the complete beginner up to grade 8.  These violins tend to be new and we always keep a range for the player to come and try and compare.  We can then match your choice with a suitable bow and case, all sold separately.

Violins £5000 - £20,000

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This category has violins for grade 8 and beyond.  It can include new instruments which are carefully checked over before they go out for sale or older violins, restored or set up in our workshop.  In this section we are also pleased to include violins from good contemporary makers such as Steffen Novak, David Zink and William John.

Violins £20,000 - £100,000

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The violins shown here for the developing music student or advanced amateur can include those from several prominent master violin makers.  Depending on your particular sound requirements we always keep quite a range of violins in this category for you to try and compare.  We may also have some violins in our workshop, not quite ready yet to appear here so please contact us for your specific requirements.

Violins £100,000+

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In this section you will find some of our gems.  These are the finest violins we have to offer at the moment.

We may have a violin for this category currently in the workshop, please contact us to see what else we have coming soon!

Fractional Sizes

Violins are made in the following sizes: One-sixth, one-eighth, quarter, half, three-quarters and full size.  Stock of old fractional size violins is often limited, but new ones are available.  We also rent fractional size violins which is particularly useful for children as they grow and upgrade through the sizes.  Our rental violins are the French Sebim model.

We stock violins in sizes 1/16, 1/8, ¼, ½, ¾ to rent or buy, along with their fractional sized bows.

Baroque Violins


A Baroque violin is a violin set up in the manner of the baroque period of music. The term includes original instruments which have survived unmodified since the Baroque period, as well as later instruments adjusted to the baroque setup, and modern replicas.  Baroque violins have become relatively common in recent decades thanks to historically informed performance, with violinists returning to older models of instrument to achieve an authentic sound.

Philip Brown is considered an expert in the field of Baroque Bow making and has even been sought upon to relay advice and his expertise including in The Strad.


Rentals provide the best value for money for beginners and small children. With our instrument rental service, parents have the reassurance the instrument can be returned if their child does not take to it, or the instrument can be changed when a larger size is required.

Please get in touch with Philip Brown with any questions

If you want to find out some more information about our Violin range, or any of our other services and workshop get in touch with the team on 01635 35465 or alternatively fill out our contact form.