Celli for the complete beginner to the most accomplished professional

We sell a wide range of celli, new and old but fully restored.  Our stock is changing all the time.  We get to know our regular customers and are continually on the lookout for new stock to take them to the next level of their playing or just to add to their collection. Our range of Cellos include those suitable for the beginner to a professional and include brand new and professionally restored.

celli up to £5000

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For the complete beginner up to grade 8 and all our celli in this section tend to be new.  They usually start from £2,000-£2,250 which includes our Kennet House Model – a great sounding instrument for the beginner.  As you progress through your grades it may be necessary to try our Germania or Pierre Marcel models, a selection of which we always try to have available.

celli £5000 - £20,000

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For grade 8 and beyond, this range tend to include older instruments carefully checked over in our workshop.  They also include the Meteny cello, handmade in Europe with great sound and quality for the progressing player!

celli £20,000 to £100,000

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In this section you will find celli from some of the best contemporary makers including Steffen Novak and Ian McWilliams. Older cellos are carefully checked over before they go out for sale and might be restored or set-up in our workshop.

celli £100,000 +

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In this section you will find some of our gems.  These are the finest celli we have to offer at the moment.

We may have a cello for this category currently in our workshop, please contact us to see what else might be coming soon!

Fractional Sizes

Celli range from 1/8, ¼, ½, ¾ to full size which we have available to rent or buy, along with their corresponding bow sizes. These can include brand new or restored.


Our celli are from a French company and based on a Mirecourt model that was successful in the 1900’s. The value of these outfits is £1750. These are extremely well made instruments which we set up to a high level in our in-house workshop.

Please get in touch with Philip Brown with any questions

If you want to find out more about our range of Cellos, or any of our other services and workshop get in touch with the team on 01635 35465 or alternatively fill out our contact form.