Our Instruments Available at Philip Brown Violins

We have a wide selection of new and old violins, celli and violas.  We also have a large selection of bows.  We offer an instrument rental scheme which can be particularly useful for children as they progress through the fractional sizes.  We sell a wide variety of strings, cases, rosins and accessories and offer bow re-hair and instrument repair services.


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Find out more and view our selection of Violins. We stock a range of violins suitable for the complete beginner to the most accomplished professional.


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If you are searching for your first or want to replace your Viola, take a look at the wide range of stock we have available for purchase and rent


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Our range of celli include those suitable for the beginner to a professional. as well including brand new and professionally restored.

Please Get in Touch

If you want to find out more about our range of instruments, or any of our other services and workshop get in touch with the team on 01635 35465 or alternatively fill out our contact form.

Part Exchange Policy

We may part exchange instruments that were originally purchased from us when buying a new instrument 2.5 times the original purchase value.  The instruments taken in part exchange must be worth from £2,000 for cellos, £750 for Violins, £1,500 for violas and £400 for bows.

The maximum part exchange value allowed is 56% of the original amount paid and deductions will be made for repairs and renewals. This is purely at the discretion of Philip Brown.