Violin bows for the beginner through to the professional player

We stock a wide range of Violin bows from the student to the professional.  Our most basic student bow starts at £30 and go up to around £120. These starter bows are wooden stick, ebony frog. We also always have a great selection of better student violin bows for between £150 and £350.

For the intermediate player we may suggest a bow up to £500 but this depends on budget available and personal choice ie. weight of the bow and materials used.  It is therefore important for our customers to try a range of bows within their budget.

For the professional player we also have a wide selection and our stock range is always changing. We have many advanced and professional violin bows which can be tried using our bow approval service.

As for all bows sold by Philip Brown Violins our starter student violin bows are personally hand picked by Philip. The market is continually checked and compared and we feel confident that we have the best selection in each price band.

Full Size Violin Bows

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Fractional Size Violin Bows

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Please get in touch with Philip Brown with any questions

If you want to find out more about our range of Violin Bows, or any of our other services and workshop get in touch with the team on 01635 35465 or alternatively fill out our contact form.