Instrument rentals

Rentals provide the best value for money for beginners and small children. With our instrument rental service, parents have the reassurance the instrument can be returned if their child does not take to it, or the instrument can be changed when a larger size is required. We want our customers to have the best possible start and thats why we have invested heavily in a high quality fleet of violins, violas and cellos. Coupled with the in-house set up we are proud to say we have probably the best rental program in the UK.

Rental Violins

We have found an ideal range of instruments from a French supplier that meets all our requirements for a beginner's instrument. Our rental instruments are specially selected and set up in our workshop to give the student, parent and teacher the assurance of a properly working instrument.

Rental Cellos

Our 'cellos are from a French company and based on a Mirecourt model that was sucesful in the 1900's. The value of these outfits is £1500. These are extremely well made instruments which we set up to a high level in our in house workshops.

Rental Violas

Our violas are the best student models that we have seen, and start from 28cm (equivalent to a 1/4 size violin), these may be a mixture of models depending on the size. We source the best instrument for each size.

Rental Prices

We rent our violins (with a retail value of £550) as a complete outfit including bow and case for £15 per month.

Cello outfits for 1/8, 3/4 are £35 per month, with full size at £45. The first three months rental, and a deposit of £50 is payable in advance.

We are confident of having the best rental program in the UK for 1/8 to full size outfits, and if you're thinking of renting an instrument from us, please review our guidance notes here.