Violins for the complete beginner to the most accomplished professional
£500 to £1,000

Violins for the improving student of grade 3 to grade 5

All violins at every level are carefully setup in our workshop, including cutting a good quality bridge, supplying a quality tailpiece and ensuring the pegs turn smoothly. The fingerboard and nut are checked thoroughly and we reshoot the fingerboard where necessary. Violins are strung with either Vision strings on Infeld Blue depending on what works best with each instrument.

These violins are sold separately and typically we suggest a strong Gewa Styrofoam case from £45 or a Hiscox shaped case at £110. Bows at this level range up to £150.

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£1,000 to £5,000

Violins for the progressing student at grade 5 to grade 8

Older instruments are restored in our workshops, and all of these are meticulously prepared for sale. New instruments are carefully checked over before they go out for sale. We do whatever work is necessary to ensure a high quality setup, to make them play easily and to give students the best opporunities to develop their playing.

We search for fine old German and French 'trade violins' from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We also carefully hand-pick new instruments from the Delille and Meteny workshops, as well as the better Jay Heide models, and instruments from the better Romanian makers.


We have numerous new bows starting at around £350 by selected Brazilian makers and by the Finkel workshop in Switzerland.


There are many cases on the market, but we really like and jighly recommend the Pedi 9100 with it's aluminium construction. It is made to a high standard, and is very good value at £160. It is also one of the best thought-out cases on the market.

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£5,000 to £10,000

Violins for grade 8 and beyond

We keep a good stock of fine violins from £5,000 and above, and use our experience and expertise to tailor a selection of violins to your specific needs.

We keep good stocks of interesting antique French, English, German anf Italian instruments and represent several prominent master violin makers, including Steffen Nowak and Simon Peters.

We always like to discuss your requirements and musical ambitions before helping you to select an instrument. A fuller sound at the expense of concert hall projection may be a better instrument for an advanced amateur, or an instrument with a focussed and very clear tone may be a wiser choice for the developing music student.

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£10,000 to £20,000
Violins for the music college student and serious amateur player

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£20,000 to £30,000
Interesting violins of high quality

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Baroque violins

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Fractional sizes
Better class, small size violins.

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