Violins, £5,000 to £10,000

Violins for grade 8 and beyond

We keep a good stock of fine violins from £5,000 and above, and use our experience and expertise to tailor a selection of violins to your specific needs. We keep good stocks of interesting antique French, English, German anf Italian instruments and represent several prominent master violin makers, including Steffen Nowak and Simon Peters. We always like to discuss your requirements and musical ambitions before helping you to select an instrument. A fuller sound at the expense of concert hall projection may be a better instrument for an advanced amateur, or an instrument with a focussed and very clear tone may be a wiser choice for the developing music student.
Gaut, Edward
Hand made in Bristol b young luthier Edward Gaut.
Filippi, Dino
Hand made in Cesena 1981.
Philip Brown 1991
Made by Philip Brown in Newbury 1991one I made I after spending time making in Paris with the luthie ...
Violin made nbsp; in 1985 by Aldo Pagliacci, this colourful artist and violin maker. This is one of ...
David Zink
An exciting violin made by an up and coming nbsp; violin maker David Zink, Markneukirchen, 2014. Thi ...
Gaut, Edward
Hand made violin by Bristolian maker Edward Gaut. Attractive one piece back.
Philip Brown 1990
Hand made by Philip Brown in 1990.
Gamberini, Bologna
Made in 1966 a good modern italian violin by Claurio Gamberini.
Hardie Mathew
A good but less refined Hardie violin in good orfder. Local woods. Good sound
J Thibouville-Lamy Lutherie D'Art
nbsp;1906 very good condition, oil varnished and signed internally. nbsp;
Grandini by J T L
Good Grandini violin by J Thibouvill-Lamy These were second only to their master model. nbsp;
Philip Brown 1991
MAde by Philip Brown In Paris and Newbury in 1991. Played ever since (read newsletter)
Violin by Philip Brown
Violin by George Pyne
Violin by Suzanne Puchelt 2013
Violon by David Zink, Freiburg
Nigel Melfi Baroque Violin
Heffler Violin
Klaus Heffler Cremonese Master Violin 4/4, made in Germany, built as a copy of the famous Cremonese ...
Blondelet Violin
Good Mirecourt violin 1928 by H. Emile Blondelet labelled and branded. nbsp; Very good conditiion, t ...