Violins, £1,000 to £5,000

Violins for the progressing student at grade 5 to grade 8

Older instruments are restored in our workshops, and all of these are meticulously prepared for sale. New instruments are carefully checked over before they go out for sale. We do whatever work is necessary to ensure a high quality setup, to make them play easily and to give students the best opporunities to develop their playing. We search for fine old German and French 'trade violins' from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We also carefully hand-pick new instruments from the Delille and Meteny workshops, as well as the better Jay Heide models, and instruments from the better Romanian makers.


We have numerous new bows starting at around £350 by selected Brazilian makers and by the Finkel workshop in Switzerland.


There are many cases on the market, but we really like and jighly recommend the Pedi 9100 with it's aluminium construction. It is made to a high standard, and is very good value at £160. It is also one of the best thought-out cases on the market.
Hidersine Master Select
New model; from the Hidersine stables, special one off selected violins.
Gewa Antique natural resin hand varnished
Gewa top of the range violin. Hand made and varnished with natural resin varnish. One piece back of ...
Gewa Maestro Guarneri
Gewa hand made violin. Hand varnished, Deeply flamed maple back. Del Gesu model.
Delile Master violin
Hand made violin varnished in Belgium. Bosnian wood through out. Amati 1666 model.
Newark school
Well made Newark violin
Heinz F Krause, 2012, Mittenwald, Germany. From the home of fine German violin making this violin is ...
Delille Master
Excellent new violin modelled after Guadagnini.La nbsp; Lutherie d'Art range from Delille.
De la Dyle by Pascal Gilis
A European, hand made instrument designed by the talented Pascal Gilles (V.S.A. prize winner for ton ...
De la Dyle, From Meteny
From the exciting Meteny workshops, Hand made under the watcheful eye of Pascal Gillis and varnished ...
Thomas, Daniel
Hand made in Lincoln in 1946. good making, attractive varnis. This nbsp; is a very loud violin! Long ...
Laberte Workshop
Good clean French violin labelled Fournier. Circa 1900, made in Mirecout. Good condition.
French violin, JTL circa 1880
Good J Thibouville-Lamy violin Stradivari copy. One piece back of Maple. Good condition
Good German violin by ER Schmidt.
Kathrin Hugel
Hand made by Kathrin Hugel (who works here!) Mittenwald 2009
Il Cremonese -Ex Joachim copy
MAde by Xue Ping Hu Beiging. limited edition. no 10 of 10 pieces commisioned. nbsp;
Todor Penev
A good hand made violin by Todor Penev, Sofia, 1993. Very good condition.. good craftsmanship.
French violin circa 1900
A good French violin from Mirecourt circa 1900. good condition.
Hand made master Chinese maker
Chinese hand made by master maker. nbsp;
Pierre MArcel
San Stefano French violin
Good clean Mirecourt violin probably from the JTL workshop. labelled San Stefano
Hawkes Concert model
Good French violin made for Hawkes, London. nbsp;
Xue Ping Hu
Liimited edition copy of Il Cremonese Stradivari violin of 1715. only 10 made. nbsp;
Alfred Moore Isle of Man 1912
A good well made violin from this Manx maker who adopted the Guarneri del Jesu model to good effect. ...
Von Dölling 3/4 Violin
Lowendahl Violin, Germany
Bought from Mr. D. Fowkes
Chipot -Vuillaume