Violin Bows, Advanced to Professional Bows

We have many advanced and professional violin bows.

To try any of our bows using our bow approval service, please call 01635 35465 to speak directly with Philip who will guide you through a selection which can be sent out to you by courier.

As for all bows sold by Philip Brown Violins our advanced and professional violin bows are personally hand picked by Philip. The market is continually checked and compared and we feel confident that we have the best selection in each price band.

Yeoman for Hart and son
A very good example of a Hill bow made by Yeoman and sold by Hart and Son. With the original lapping ...
Paulus Jons. O.
Good German bow mid 19th century, by Johannes Paulus. Octagonal stick of light brown pernmbuco with ...
Hoyer Otto A
Otto A Hoyer, Germany. Bow of some quality, this is prior to his sojorn with Sartory for which he is ...
Very nice violin bow from the Weichold workshop. Very good condition, dark pernambuco stick, silver ...
Very pretty and fine bow by Pfreztschner in very good condition. Modelled after Voirin. Engraved fro ...
Lotte. Roger Francois
Good example of Roger Francois Lotte work, Branded Didier Metz. Nickel mounted, pernambuco stick
Fine Francois Lotte bow. nice strong stick of good pernambuco. Silver mounts.
Pfretzschner. H.R.
Professionally used, a good example of Pfretzschner. Some wear.
Christian Wilhelm Knopf, circa 1830. A very good example, bearing many of the classic Knopf features ...
James Dodd, Very fine octagonal stick. frog with some restorations.
Violin bow by Yeoman, 1929 for Hart. Original whalebone lapping. Very good condition. Featured in th ...
Excellent German bow - Paris inspired
Excellent fine quality German bow in good unrestored condition. Made in the workshop of Christoph Nu ...
Paulus, Jens
Commissioned by us from Jens Paulus, 3 star stick. Attractive horn frog. Silver mounts.
Francois Lotte
WE Hill
Yeoman for W. E. Hill and sons. Very good condition.
Good German bow by Knopf, good stick with vuillaume inspired mounts. Stamped DODD to frog and to sti ...
Thomassin, Victor
Made for George Withers and son around 1910, a very good bow by V. Thomassin. Good condition and goo ...
Kunhla, Steffen
Excellent grade pernambuco bow from Germany. Branded Steffen Kunhla, Round stick
Siefert Norbert
Hand made in Frieburg by Norbert Siefert, 1996
Tubbs, Thomas
A good and interesting violin bow by Thomas Tubbs circa 1840. German Silver mounts, Octagonal stick ...
Very good playing bow. Best working period of Sartory set this bow apart from many bows fetching hig ...
Laine, Markus
Made by Markus Laine
Hill bow by Copley
Very good Hill bow by Arthur Copley. fully mounted and fully branded.
Tubbs, James (Early)
Octagonal stick, Nickel mounts, all original including ebony face.
Thomassin, Claude
Good bow by C Thomassin for gand and Bernadel
Wonderful bow made by Kaspar Pankow, Switzerland....
Currently in the workshop, a rare and interesting Emile Miguel bow. Please enquire for more details. ...
Arcus S7
Hand made Carbon bows (not to be confused with cheaper bows whaich are more resin based Carbon bows) ...
Christian Leicht
GOod New made German bow by Christian Leicht. 2016. Silver mounted, silver face, pernambuco wood of ...
Albert Neunberger Violin Bow
Carl Albert, Octagonal stick