Violins, Fractional sizes

Better class, small size violins.
7/8ths Jay Haide L'Ancienne
Very pretty, very well made Jay Haide 7/8ths violin with one piece back.
French 3/4 violin
Good French 3/4 violin by Thibouville-Lamy. Labelled Medio FIno. Red varnish. Good tone. Good exampl ...
3/4 Violin by Franz Sandner. Mint condition. nbsp;2004. Made in Nauheim. nbsp;
3/4 German violin
Good clean German violin form around 1900. nbsp;
Jay Haide 7/8
Jay Haide 7/8ths. L'ancienne model. nbsp;
Medio FIno
Medio Fino violin from J Thibouville-Lamy. Good conidition
Sebim Passion Traditionalle 3/4 model B
French model 3/4 violin Antiqued varnish, well rippled wood.
E. R. Schmidt
Excellent E. R. Schmidt 3/4 violin in good condition. Labelled and signed internally. Always good wo ...
German violin half size 1930
A good, well scaled down half size violin originally sold by WE Hill. 1930.