Violins, £10,000 to £20,000

Violins for the music college student and serious amateur player
Silveste and Maucoutel
Good French violin Lyonaise, slightly smaller full size. Reddish varnish. A joy to play. Labelled Si ...
From the workshop of Joseph Hill, a good example in good condition. Two piece back of medium ripple ...
A pretty Betts violin. One piece back of pleasingly rippled maple. Typical size 14''. Good condition ...
Nowak, Steffen
Made in 2013 by Steffen Nowak, 1737 Joseph Guranerius (del Gesu) copy. one of severla violins of Ste ...
Nowak, Steffen
Del Gesu copy by Steffen Nowak Bristol. You can read more and see some pictures by following this li ...
Hornsteiner, Mathius
In the Workshop M Hornsteiner
Nowak, Steffen
Steffens latest Baroque violin after Stainer, you can hear a clip of it being played here
Nowak, Steffen
Excellent Strad model violin from Steffen. Based on the Viotti-Bruce now safley at home in the RAM c ...
Violin Guarnei 2015
Steffen Nowak
Riemerus Liessum 1753 London
Violin by George Pyne
Amati Manganet Violin, branded and signed internal
Good condition
Violin by Matthew Furber
Steffen Nowak Violin, Guarneri Model
Strad Model Violin
Joseph Guarneri 2016 Violin