Cello bows, Advanced to Professional Bows

We have many bows for advanced and professional players. 

To try a selection in the cofort of your own home, just call  020 3903335 to speak directly with Philip who will guide you  through a selection which can be sent out to you by courier.

As for all bows sold by Philip Brown Violins our advanced and professional bows are personally hand picked by Philip. The market is continually checked and compared and we feel confident that we have the best selection in each price band.

Coda Diamond
Coda Diamond, GX Carbon weave bow.
John Dodd. Good strong masculine bow. nbsp;Made in Partdige wood. Later frog and button in the style ...
Excellent cello bow by and faintly stamped L Panormo. Typical modelling, octagonal stick of fine per ...
Elias Guasti Cello bow Special edition
Elias Guasti special commission cello bow in the manner of Vuillaume. nbsp;
By Franocis Jude Gaulard. circa 1830. Strong Octagonal stick of good pernambuco. Ivory fittings. A r ...
Markus Laine
Cello bow made in New york in 2013
Dodd copy By R Casara
Hand made in the workshop of Renate Casara, Fine Dodd copy.
Laine & Orman
Made in New York by Markus Laine and Evan Orman.
Casara Cello Bow Hill Model
Leicht, Chrsitian
Hand made Cello bow by Christian Leicht in Germany. Good Selected pernambuco.
Bow by Hill
Cello bow made in 1925 by nbsp;Leslie Baily. nbsp;Plain frog and button, but very good stick of stro ...
Cello Bow by Finkel