Violin Bows, Intermediate Bows

We always have a great selection of intermediate violin bows from £350 to £800. These include the very best of Brazilian made bows not to be confused with bows offered elsewhere. Also in this range are the best of German and Swiss bows with a few carbon bows of quality.

To try any of these bows using our bow approval service, please call020 32903335 to speak directly with Philip who will guide you  through a selection which can be sent out to you by courier.
As for all bows sold by Philip Brown Violins they are personally hand picked by Philip. The market is continually checked and compared and we feel confident that we have the best selection in each price band. selection.
Bottoni, Jose. G
Special order form the Maker Bottoni, using superior selected Pernambuco. Round stick. Special pearl ...
Nicely made delicate bow from the Bausch workshop. Dense pernambuco allowed for a slighter stick and ...
German bow by Dorfler
German made Pernambuco bow. Stamped Werner.
Hand made bow by Trinidade, Brazil. Good flamed pernambuco stick
Coda Prodigy bow
US made Coda bows have proved very popular. Reponsive and light feel.
Fiinkel Atleier
Second Hand Finkel Atelier bow
Luan Ruy
Hand made special model Pageot inspired. nbsp;
Tubbs copy
Hand made in Brazil, Special Tubbs model nbsp;
French Violin bow Bazin, CN
French bow by C. N. Bazin and branded Cerpi (repaired)
Otto Durrschmidt **
Made in the famous Durrschmidt workshop. Silver mounts. Octagonal stick.
Hidersine Silver mounted
Hand made in China, good quality pernambuco stick
Better Dorfler boiw Pernambuco.
Nickel ''performance'' Bow
Arcus p4
Hand made Arcus carbon bow. very little resin content makes thes bows something quite different form ...
Renate Casara Tubbs copy
Hand made in Brazil Special edition. Copy of Tubbs
Renate Casara
Silver Special model by Renate Casara Brazil . Special select pernambuco
Atelier Casara
From the workshop of Casara in Brazil. Hand made
Atelier Casara
From the workshop of Atelier Casara . Hand made Pernambuco bow
Violiin Bow by John Clutterbuck
Violin Performance Bow by Juliano Oliveira
Violin Performance Bow by Juliano Oliveira
3/4 Violin Bow by Ribeiro, handmade Brazilian
German Bow Pernambuco
Old German bow
Good quality German bow circa 1900. Silver mounts
Old German bow
Old German bow, ocagonal stick. Pernambuco.
Pernambuco Violin Bow Silver Mounted Vuillaume
Arcus Violin Bow P4 Octagonal silver 4/4
Arcus Violin Bow M5 Round silver 4/4