Cellos, £1,000 to £5,000

Celli that would be suitable for the developing student.
Sebim Mirecourt model cello
Delille Master French style cello
These have been a recent real find. Very well made and very attractive in the French Gand style. Cop ...
Heritage Series Montagnana
Heritage Series copy of the Sleeping Beauty by Montagnana/
Yang Ming
Montagnana model cello by Yang Ming 2008
7/8th Cello from Hidersine
Good selected 7/8th cello with a really good tone. nbsp;
Delille Strad 3/4 C Model Cello
Workshop Selected Cello
Hand made nice woods and archings. nbsp;
Kennet Cello
Speiclly selected by us and set up in our workshop
Pierre Marcel no 4
Excellent hand made cello by Delille. Concert model no 4.
1/2 DeLille Cello
Hidersine Reserve Cello
Kennet Cello
Delille Strad 4/4 C Model Cello
Delille Strad Antique 4/4 B Model Cello
1/2 Size Cello labelled Michel A. Garini